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I haven't been doing commissions very long but I feel there is a weight attached to them that I didn't feel when I was just doing art for fun and for others. So just for today Im opening up requests again. With requests I can at least be a little more adventurous and have fun with it.

Of course I can't get through all the requests so don't feel like I ignored you. I probably didnt see it at the time. 😊

I try to draw everything but if I think it's too difficult or not fun I might ask you to simplify the request or move on. Just be reasonable and respectful, these are after all supposed to be free fun drawings for everyone to enjoy. 

Edit: I' happy I got so many replies. It will take me a while to finish these but as I finish them I will private messge you the piece separately so dont feel like you have to watch me to see your art. the goal is to upload all of them as maybe one large sketchbook dump.
I really want to challenge myself this month and do inktober. I always love looking at other's inktober submissions and I always tell myself next year I'll do it when I'm better. This year I'm not going to make any excuses and I'm going to try to finish the month with Inked drawings, of course Halloween themed!

I'm also working with my boyfriend to complete a short illustrated (SPOOKY!) story that I could hopefully post in time for Halloween. So yep I'm definitely jam packed up this month. But I'm thoroughly excited nonetheless. 
The reason I called myself the Pigeon artist is because on one of the first dates I went on with my boyfriend we fed pigeons. And ever since then we call each other a pet name (not saying what it is) that's related to pigeons.

I'm a hobbyist artist and I would say I've only seriously started drawing when I was 18 or so but I had been drawing before that probably since I was 14 or so but I never really practiced seriously during that time.

I have no plans to pursue art as a job or career but it is one of my dreams to write and illustrate a graphic novel. The story has been bouncing around in my head for probably three years now and everytime I try to start I feel like my art is still not good enough to capture the story in my head. Especially when I see other people's comics or graphic novels I feel really intimidated. I know I'm terrible with perspective and I really dislike doing backgrounds and I seriously struggle to keep my characters looking consistent and all of that just makes me feel stupid for even wanting to attempt a short illustrated story far less for a full length novel.
I'm sure I'm not alone in my insecurities and deep down I know that's all it is: Insecurities. It doesn't matter if my art isn't the best and my writing is amateur, at the end of the day regardless of how my practice I put in I will never finish my story if I never actually start it!

Which is why I'm letting go of my inhibitions and fear of judgement and I'm going to allow myself to just go ahead and try my hardest to bring my story to life. I can already forsee the struggles I would face but I'm still prepared to see this through.